Rainwater Tanks

Collecting rainwater from your roof and reusing it in your home and garden can drastically reduce the volume of precious drinking water you use around the home.

Castlecrag family captures rainwater and saves

 Fuchter family The Fuchters of Castlecrag have installed two rainwater tanks with a combined capacity of 3,200 litres and now enjoy year round watering of their garden without worrying about water restrictions.

"We now water our entire garden with the rainwater we collect."

Turramurra resident captures rainwater and feels safer

 Turramurra resident Richard Langton from Turramurra has installed two rainwater tanks with a combined capacity of 20,000 litres to provide a reliable onsite water supply to water his native gardens, wash his cars and fight fires.

"We now feel safer having water available to fight fires."

Raingarden and Rainwater Tank Rebates Available to Ku-ring-gai Residents

Through the Water Smart Program, rate payers can attend free technical workshops and apply for generous rebates.

Tanks: $500 for a new tank and $200 per additional internal connection (e.g. toilet or laundry)

Raingardens: $150/m2

 Ku-ring-gai Water Smart Program - 600 KB

Contact Jennifer Lee on 9424 0844 for more information.

Re-use a valuable resource in the garden, for cleaning the car or in the home. Examples of deals include: 



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